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Dear Parents,
Your ward is required to have the following things while coming to the hostel. The details of the items appear in the prospectus as well as a requirement-list is being sent to you for your convenience as per the list mentioned below and apart from the materials mentioned in the prospectus.
For Fathers and mothers :
1. Passport size photo - 3 pcs (each)
2. Stamp size photo - 1 pc (each)
For Students
3. Passport size Photo - 4 pcs
4. Stamp size - 1pc.
For Local Guardian
5. Passport size photo 2 pcs (each) One or two except father
6. Stamp size photo - 2 pcs (each) One or two except father
Documents :
7. Form with transfer certificate/Date of Birth Certificate & Migration Certificate
8. Visitors form with photo (available from office)
9. Medical Report (verified by registered Doctor with seal) available from office.
10. Declaration form (available from office)
Requirements :
1. 2(two)white bed sheet size 7ft & 4ft (Per year)
2. 2(two)white pillow cover size 30 inch & 18inch (Per year)
3. 1 (one)mosquito net, size 6ft & 4ft.
4. 1 (one)school bag.
5. 1 (one)pair black shoe
6. 1 (pair)white P.T. shoe.
7. 2 (two)pair brown socks
8. 2 (two)pair white socks.
9. Polish for both item with brush.
10. 2 (two)pcs brown full pant.
11. 2 (two)pcs white ful pant.
12. 2 (two)pacs white full shirt.
13. 1 (one)pcs white half shirt.
14. 1 (one)pc Box or Briefcase.
15. 1 (one)pc. each Bucket & Mug (Compulsory)
16. 1 (one)pc.chadar.
Parents are requested to deposit to hostel suptd. Rs.2000/- (Rs.Two Thousand Only) for wards pocket money.
Note : Students are strictly prohibited to keep money & cell phones, walkman and other electronic gadgets.
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